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by Grove

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  • Spice The Fragrance - 50ml

    A DIY experimental fragrance created by Grove and EJ:AKIN.

    'SPICE: the fragrance (not the drug)' will be made of a super limited edition run of 20 x 50ml glass bottles with the finest cinnamon, black pepper, clove and vanilla essential oils. Think of a warm, spiced chai scent for bad bitches.

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  • Grove - Spice DIY print longsleeves
    T-Shirt/Shirt + Digital Album

    Gildan Hammer red longsleeves hand sponged, stencilled and finished all over with fabric markers with Grove and Spice deconstructed text + Bokeh logos by Scumdance Collective.

    **Each piece is totally unique in a DIY fashion. Pictures are just for illustration examples - they'll be shipped at random and won't always look like 'the one in the picture'. Embrace that, no returns/swaps. If you're looking for a nice clean, uniform look, these probably aren't for you!**

    Washing instructions: as with all haute couture, please wash at 30° on a low spin

    Includes unlimited streaming of SPICE via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Sold Out

Skin2Skin 03:39
Skin to skin and go out + in Me nah wan fi self-service service, me want to feel a little nervous Me want more than transaction + purchase I want to see under the surface Mm-cha Me nah wan fi self-service service, me want the whole damn circus Me want, skin to skin and go out and in Badgyal like me deserve it, 'serve it Me nah want nuh self service, Me want someting that ah guh touch up me cervix Heat it up like a furnace Want to connect and make this vibe a full circuit Don’t need no man for the path that I’m on, Grove a battygyal I procure the pumpum Yum yum, eating it up like Dim sum A proud bocat, yes, I’ve been one. Did I stutter? Check it out and spread it just like margarine, butter Look me in the eye and make my whole body flutter Know you hit it right when the thighs dem a judder, judder, judderjudderjudder-uhh Skin to skin and go out + in [repeated] Flip it and a rip it, and a twist around Treat it like a bop-it from the bed to the ground See you lift and a smash it, call that pound for pound Get the batty moving to fortissimo sound Now now, getting hot we need to a little breezy I like a badgyal who come and bring a little steezy Cold as well, come on and get a little freezy Confidence, yeah that’s what makes me little easy Self service, no, it ain’t the time for that I want connection to a soul there ain’t a rhyme for that I chat bad and back it up yeah there’s a sign for that Sagittarius, bitch, you better ride with that hah Self service is blessed, but me nah want it I pop the toys to rest and I’m gonna flaunt it Who’s gonna catch this, who’s gonna who’s gonna, who’s gonna catch this whine cus.... Skin to skin and go out and in x10000
Bloodsucka 02:59
See I'm the G to the R to the O V E, a little fire in your speaker, little vibes, energy and we go… we say… Vampire, bloodsucka You wan fi tek me energy but now your plans scuppered Empire, in the rubble Dem ah talk real bad but mi nah take nuh chat Pied piper, ratatata Play the tunes dem that bring out the bad from the dark Big gyal with the batty make room for the charm See the ripple pon the skin when it all fully charged (Bang bang) Wooden stake through the heart (Bang bang) Me ah break the pipers piper (Bang bang) Then we haffi take the reigns of the horse On the path to the promiseland, now ring the alarms (Ring ring) Get a closer we chant (Ring ring) Black and queer liberation is ours (Ring ring) Back it up but if you creeping on the gyaldem then we'll burn you into ashes then ah put you in a jar Like a Bloodsucka, bloodsucka Mi have nuh time for nuh bloodsucka tekway energy Only want good vibes when we tun up in the scene like a Bloodsucka, bloodsucka Me see you whine and ah whine and it feels real good Tek your time and we'll climb, put the lips on ya (oooo) And we feeling the energy, keep on seeing the synergy, this fluidity ah put you in a trance And we swimming in sound and we tek the jewels from the crown, we don't need no vampire when we pull up at the dance Bloodsucka…. bloodsucka Me have no time Bloodsuckaa Me have no time for no bloodsucka tekweh energy Bloodsucka Me have no time
Slippery 04:24
Shadow 03:06
Shadow riddim, See how me spit Shadow riddim (malevolent), See how me spit Tell me take the low road, and you know I'll take the high one, got to keep on walking on this road straight up to Zion. Streets are paved with bones, smoke, flowers in periphery But still ascending to a place I can call my home Call me dutty, call me duppy, in the shadow world they love me, And in some respect I think I'm lucky. Cus all these patterns here, I study, and then suddenly it struck me, That this world is slipping down the gully. This reality now is a dream Let me give you what you need This, reality now is a dream Let me give you what you need, need, need Shadow riddim, kill em with it See how me spit… Kill 'em Shadow riddim, kill em with it, See how me, Kill 'em with it (say it again and now i) we need distraction from the madness of the funfair, call me up at 2am, you know I'll be there, it's a mad world, but with you I feel prepared hear me say that shadow riddim kill em with it it's the shadow riddim kill 'em shadow riddim (1-2-3, 1-2-3-3-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-3-3)
Soft Cheeks 03:11
Soft cheeks, against mine Feel so divine Soft cheeks, against mine Feels so divine Soft cheeks are pressed to mine, We're feeling it deeply Content, with soul divine Surrendered to this Four limbs apiece, yes we intertwine Body it shudders when you caress mine I said ooo yeah, yeah you loom so fine And I want you to, want you to, want you to, want you to Desecrate me (mm) Desecrate me Desecrate me (mm) Desecrate me Soft cheeks, against mine Feel so divine Soft cheeks, against mine Feel so divine Feels Feels so divine Feels….


Slippery Video:
Skin2Skin Video:

Snakes, vampires, soft cheeks and pum pum - SPICE is a red and black-eyed trip of love and lyrical desire from Bristol’s all-conquering triple threat, Grove. Slithering mutant club scenes flash with the fiercest vocals and 10 tonne bass to explore physicality, tenderness and sexuality.

Building on the breaks-laden, angsty high-tempo of 2021’s breakthrough battle cry 'Queer + Black' EP. SPICE marks an experimentation of fusing dancehall punk, dub + hip-hop with future-facing dancefloor styles. Born out of the collective mind of some of Bristol's most twisted artists, Grove drafts in additional production credits from YOKEL (Slack Alice, Avon Terror Corps) and Robin Stewart (Giant Swan).

"This mixtape is an ode to the exciting and lust-filled period of new relationships, and explores everything from steezy self-confidence, to slippery sensual encounters and the soft cheeks of a lover.

Delving into the beauty of production that is firmly rooted in both Jamaican and British culture has been a great process of personal growth. Being a person of dual-heritage, the dancehall and dub elements are the Jamaican spice, mixed with the undeniable influence that Bristol has had in terms of sonic darkness and experimentation"


released November 23, 2021

Vocals and production: Grove
Additional production on Skin2Skin by Yokel
Additional production on Shadow and Slippery by Robin Stewart
Extra synth layers: EJ:AKIN

Mastered by Lurka at Raw Audio
Photography by Khali Ackford
Design by BKV Industrial




Grove Bristol, UK

vocalist // producer //


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